"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin 

Real Estate Services

Commercial Real Estate

We work with clients on many asset types including hotels, resorts, restaurants, offices, retail, mixed use, shopping centers, industrial, multi-family, senior & student housing, and land investments.  

Residential Real Estate

We work with clients on residential rehabbing and purchasing auction, foreclosure, and short sale properties. We also advise on interior and exterior layout plans and work with architects, designers and contractors. 

Asset Analysis & Management

We work with clients on property acquisitions, analyzing investment goals, and sourcing lending options.  We focus on reducing monthly outflow, increasing positive cash flow, and positioning for future disposition. 

Project Management

We work with clients on all your real estate projects including development and remodeling of your property investments.  We coordinate from project inception to completion and we efficiently deliver projects inspired by your business vision.


We coordinate financing for our investors and developers for acquisition, bridge, construction and takeout financing. We also know EB-5 foreign & crowdfunding financing and have alliances with many financial institutions and private money sources. 

Sales & Marketing

When positioning for asset disposition, we bring the investors  - buyers and sellers - together for mutual benefit. We put together sales proforma packages and market to international investors in order to reach an appropriate global market. 



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